We all know about making outdoors a little more indoors-y as we’ve  been cosying up our outsides for ages right? Creating little nooks with lighting, furniture and all kinds of accessories. Nowadays we can even get our hands on wallpaper and rugs that are designed purely for exterior use, but what about reversing it and bringing outside influences inside.  Perfect  if you don’t have a garden but you want to hang out in a vibe influenced by the great outdoors. All you need to do is introduce a little wood, some gorgeous floral patterns, sling a sheep skin over a plastic chair, add some fairly lights and  suddenly you’ve taken your space to a whole other level! Plus (not to be a Debbie Downer here) before long we’ll all be shifting indoors!  At HQ we’re up to our eyeballs in Christmas but that is retail for you!

Mince pie anyone?

For our shopping page this week here is our edit of some of the  coolest accessories around. Outdoor ones that you can bring in &  indoors-y accessories that give a shout out to the great outdoors!

woodpotsCheck out these wooden vessels – natural materials like these roughly hewn vases in an assortment of sizes are dotted my inside and outside of my house!  From £33.50, Abigail Ahern




coffetableLove this little marble Bong coffee table. Its up there in price but an investment piece that you would never grow tired of. £632, Twentytwentyone






fairylightBonsai fairy lights perfect for drapping over shelves, pictures or mantles £25, Homebase






candleObsessed with our tomato leaf and white tea scented candles £37.50, Abigail Ahern





wallpaperThis Midnight Garden wallpaper is on ‘buy list’. It has oodles of depth and colour and would be great for small room, I’m thinking the downstairs loo? 180x 300 cm £148, House of Hackney





rugDesert Mosaic Rug  modelled on Morroccan floor tiles 5x 7ft £598, Anthropologie





chairI know these Vago Easy Chairs are everyone but there is a reason for that, they are cool. I’ve got some in white outside and when the temps drop I’ll fling a sheepskin over to cosy up, from £25 Ikea






tamtamTam tam wooden stool, essential for keeping the vibe chic and effortless, £219 Made in Design