Firstly I would like to start the morning off by saying a big thank you to my wonderful Design Class on Saturday, the last one of the summer!

We are back in September with a revamped school room and if I can get my act together a new class to run along side this existing one that’s the plan at least, I will advertise once I’ve written it if there is a new one. Talking of the new school room which will be held in my studio from the fall we spent all day yesterday painting it on one of the hottest days of the year! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see the various stages of the room, walls and ceilings are now done, just got the floors, shutters and rads to paint out and then the monstrous cupboard the builders built me on Friday to cover in faux fur, but I’m waiting on the fabric from Paris. It’s one of those ideas that could work or could look pants, fingers are crossed!

The room will have an eclectic vibe like all rooms in this house in fact hunker  down into almost any magazine the world over and you’ll see eclectic rooms everywhere. One of the hardest looks to pull off as I say all the time in my classes. Why?  Well as nothing matches making it all feel cohesive and coordinated and not like a hot mess is hard to pull off. Below a few tips to steer you down the right path.

Reign in the statement pieces

As you’re pulling from lots of different periods and styles you don’t want every piece fighting for attention – your room will read as crazy otherwise. A few pieces that make a big statement are fab, more than a few and your space could feel like a hot mess (my new favourite expression) so reign it in!

Find a common denominator

A thread that holds the scheme together is crucial for making this look work. For me I find it’s often colour as it helps unify my spaces. As much as I love colour if you guys happened to pop over for a cuppa you would see there are very few brights here, isolated pops but generally everything is inky, sludgy bottom of the lake-ish doesn’t that sound nice (not)! In a nutshell a few intoxicating hues look amazing but more than a few just be careful is all I’m saying. Colour doesn’t have to be your common denominator either, could be a material like concrete or texture like slubby wool anything you just need to find a link is all!

Balance the mix

You can’t for example expect a Chinese dresser, a rococo mirror, an Italian table, a retro chair, a Victorian painting a modern rug – one offs is what I’m trying to say, all work beautifully together if they are all different materials and hues. Your look will feel more cohesive if say you’ve got a few pieces (and you need only a few pieces) from each period rather than a hodge podge of a zillion different things. Does that make sense?

Add some glue

Pieces that glue a room together magically are rugs and cushions – so pay particular attention to those pull it together accessories, you’ll be amazed at how they just tie everything in!

There is of course a lot of trial and error when it comes to decorating particularly with this look BUT don’t let that put you off and don’t be intimated either. It takes a bit of time I’m forever pulling things in and then pulling them out a second later. Yes it takes time to get right but doesn’t anything?