We are right in the middle of the blog revamp, which is shaping up pretty nicely. More posts, more content and a whole host of new sections which I cannot wait to reveal. It will continue to be a little different from what is out there – as well as my usual insider tips of how to make your home the coolest on the planet we will also be featuring amongst other things a retail column. For all of you who have ever thought or dreamt of having your own business online or otherwise then think of this section as a bit of a mentor. It will show you the pitfalls, the challenges and of  course the fun bits. I totally believe you can turn dreams into reality, I know I did!

I’m planning on launching it April 16rh same day as my new paint range launches, maybe before if the tech team get up a bit earlier!

In the meantime let me show you a before and after. As you guys all probably know I have a Forum where people who are into design hang out, posts pics of their homes many of the spaces newly revamped and dark although of course not all of them are. It’s a place to  ask questions, interact  and so forth.  I pop over a few times a week and help out with any questions anyone has with their spaces, I love my forum. The other day Emily posted a before and after which I put up on Facebook and wanted to highlight it again here for the following reasons :


1. Painting a kitchen out in a dark hue is scary stuff but look at the result! My point being unless you push it with your decorating choices you won’t get spaces that make your heart skip a beat. Play it safe and your interior will look and feel safe, take a few risks and just look at the result!

2. I love how Emily has used non-traditional lighting to add a whole different dimension to her kitchen. The minute you start decorating your kitchen like say your living room you will turn it around. Hang chandeliers that you would hang in your living room in the space, accessorize it with vases, sheepskin rugs over chairs, non kitcheny stuff!

3, Thirdly and most importantly actually this room faces north. Which goes to show all that rubbish about painting north facing rooms out in a warm hue is exactly that rubbish. The more we are restricted by rules the more boring our spaces become!

Oh and before I forget if anyone wants to order flowers from the store for Mothers day Gem has created the most beautiful bouquet.

mothers day

They will need to be ordered by the end of the day if you want them for Sunday.  If you are new to the blog all our flowers are faux. Gasp, shock, horror no way faux? Yes faux  we are dispelling and ditching as many myths as we can with my blog and my store! At least that is the plan!

Happy Decorating!