Finishing touches take homes to the next level. I actually find that they are quite neglected, and yet they are such a game changer for turning rooms around. As they say the devil is in the detail! So if your home is feeling a tad unfinished, add in more details – and check out the slide show, it’s all those small bits that give the rooms soul and make them interesting.

Such as:


Cushions, pile them on. Supersize them if you can. I plump for 60cm pillows, because it makes my upholstery look and feel far more high end.


Layer, layer and layer again. Cross things over, butt them up against each other but leave no gaps. Decorative touches are the soul of a home, I’m talking flowers, candles, plants, objects, books I can never have enough.

Rough round the edges

Add a bit of ugly. This sounds odd I realise but if everything feels too “done” in a space it can feel uptight. So don’t worry if you have the odd rug that is threadbare or a painting that has a chipped frame, or as someone has commented or my Instagram feed, my lampshades are crooked. I reckon these things add life to a space and make it feel more real.


Float something in the centre of the room room, anything to avoid the doctor’s waiting room feel. A table, a sofa – show it off, highlight it, centre it!

But… don’t centre everything. Am I confusing you having just told you to centre stuff? Sorry, but now I’m thinking of smaller pieces and all will make sense. So let’s say you have a mirror or a painting that when you put it on your mantle or above your sofa it looks too small. Easiest trick on the planet is to offset it a few inches to the right or left – then the negative space becomes part of the vignette.

Embrace black

Add a touch of black. Think vases, rugs, occasional tables, lamps. Black adds sophistication and instant glamour and intrigue. If you dare, paint the walls black too! I’ve never been happier than in my recently painted black studio.


Add mirrors. Mirrors expand horizons, add glamour, and create the illusion of depth. Overdose on them. Over mantles, on walls, above consoles, in alcoves – everywhere! That is the last time I am singing the virtues of mirrors I promise, I will bore you guys to death otherwise.


Happy Wednesday, I’m shooting all day on a new campaign which I will be able to tell you about very shortly. It’s a new range of pieces that I am so excited about.