Amazing response to my blog post yesterday, (Behind the Glamour) thank you so much guys. Forgive me for not posting all the comments until just now I was in the store all day yesterday turning it all around with the new collection. We’re getting a lot of calls about when the own label collection is going up online and its mostly  there with just two categories remaining and those go up today, then we are done. If you fancy having a look at our new brochure on the collection then here it is. I think its one of the best things we’ve done not just the products but the photography (shot by the amazing Graham Atkins Hughes) the layout everything. Super proud.

This year for me is all about pushing things, my business, my home, my diet and lifestyle everything in fact. Today I thought I would concentrate on little tips(takeaways) if you like of advice that can turn any pad around. So in no particular order here goes:

Don’t neglect the chorus!

This analogy is a little odd but stay with me for a second. Most of the pieces in a room need to be in the chorus, in the background doing their job beautifully but not competing for attention. Not everything should be the star otherwise your space can feel too over the top crazy. As I’ve gotten older I’ve pulled back more on the crazy stuff and instead gone down  a more glamorous slash laid back route with the odd star piece thrown in. When you restrict the number of stars it elevates them so they look cooler than if there are 10 in a room, if that makes sense?

Add a twist

I am drawn to masculine rooms I find they feel super chic but I twist them up a bit by playing around with stuff. The odd shot of colour, some feminine flowers, some prints so I guess what I am saying is no matter whether you reference tradition (as I do always do) try and think outside of the box if you can. You can click to see what else you could do with your room. Your rooms will look and feel so much better because of it! You’ll see from the image above how our new own label sculptures look super expensive and museum worthy as if the pieces have been cast from bronze. Wrong, they are made from resin which means you can have in your pad a sculpture that looks like its come straight out of a Bond Street gallery when it hasn’t. Gotta love twisting things up

Up the anty with wall coverings

The best thing I did last year was to upholster a floor to ceiling bookcase in faux pony skin. It has completely changed the feel of the studio not only is it fantastic for acoustics its super glam. I am obsessed.

Hang you’re ceiling lights lower than feels comfortable

Lights hung high are not cool it’s a bit like those high wasted trousers that some men of a certain age wear, always think lower then the light  becomes an integral part of the overall scheme not just something that hits the ceiling.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Easiest, simplest most transformative thing in the decorating book. That is all I’m saying on the subject!

Happy Tuesday