I am a little obsessed with accent chairs clever little things that they are because they take spaces to a whole new level. The thing with accent chairs is to think outside of the box with them no point adding something similar to what you already have. Accents are not supposed to match your scheme, remember that otherwise they are not so much of an accent right?

Think of them as an embellishment, an eclectic touch your opportunity to add some whimsy to your space. I’ve got accent chairs all over my pad, I use them as space fillers, I use them to create conversational nooks next to a fireplace or window, I plop them under trees in the garden. Which brings me nicely to my next point don’t just think of using them in the living room – think hallways, bedrooms, home offices, outdoors even!

Whether you plump for armchairs, ottomans, benches, recliners, a chaise maybe the trick is to make sure they beat from a different drum as I touched upon above. They need to have a point of difference – some bold colour perhaps or pattern or texture, something that makes them stand out.

One last point you don’t need to think so practically with accents, they don’t always need to be super comfortable or loungy. I’ve got chairs made out of concrete and a chair in the kitchen that is broken so you can’t actually sit on it but I love its form and it enlivens the area its in. Practical, functional, conservative, forget all that when it comes to accent chairs and plump for something that stands out in a show stopper ish kind of way. Accents are signature pieces, there to be seen and taken notice of. Amen to that!

One of my accent chairs below – a vintage style chair wrapped in bus roll signage that nestles next to the fireplace in the studio and just so happens  to be super comfy at the same time.  Photography Graham Atkins Hughes.