I am obsessed with textiles particularly at this time of year when you want spaces to feel snuggly and cozy. They are the perfect five minute accessory for embellishing your pad adding layers of softness so when day turns gently to dusk you are drawn to lounging, fireside or otherwise.

I use them all over my pad from walls to floors! Here are a few of my game changing tricks…

Go for odd numbers

Any stylist will tell you that when it comes to adding cushions to sofas odd numbers are generally preferable. Embellish large upholstered pieces of furniture with an array of tactile textiles – think faux fur, leather, wool, something patterned even, it will make your sofas look much cooler.

Sling over chairs

Throws, sheepskins, anything slubby, wooly or fluffy is great over furniture at this time of year. I love my sheepskins so much they stay there all year round. For our new own label, we’re delving into textiles for the first time! We have king size throws in the pipe-line and gorgeous cushions. One was actually inspired by a jacket worn by Kate Moss – all faux fur and supremely luxurious, cannot wait to get the samples to show you guys.

Add poufs for added luxury

I am a bit of a sucker for poufs, whether that is the leather Moroccan variety or fluffy things spun from merino wool. I use them as a footrest next to sofas and chairs, plonked at the end of the bed, everywhere. The more textures you have in a room I feel the squishier and cozier it looks.

Overdose on rugs

I say this a lot but rugs really do change up the vibe of a space. One of my go-to favourites for my place is Maroc Tribal who specialise in vintage Moroccan rugs with great patterns and a lovely deep pile. I like rugs with a subtle pattern (personal preference obviously) as I find they provide such a beautiful foundation with which to offset other pieces.

So if you fancy cozying up your pad for Autumn, textiles are the way to go. As a focal point, to soothe, excite, warm up, tantalise, endless choices in fact. Overdose on them I say!