Yesterday I meant to thank my wonderful Design Class (forgive) for the most enjoyable day on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came!

Let’s talk stumbling blocks. We’ve all hit them, me included; I still do in fact from time to time. These are the mistakes or little slip-up that make an interior just seem a bit off. The thing with decorating the eclectic way as opposed to “decorating by numbers” is that mistakes will occur whether you are a rookie or an experienced pro. The pro’s will slickly cover it up with encouraging words like “nothing wrong with that darling it’s a design feature”, and the rookies will get despondent.

Fear not – here is how to remedy any mistakes you may have made, and to break them forever! I should say that the above image (designed by Lauren Svenstrup) is not in any way an example of how not to decorate – it’s a perfect example of how to decorate. By pushing boundaries and not following convention you can create some pretty amazing spaces.

So if your home is sporting these ailments – change it up I say!

Hallway abandonment: Your entryway is the first thing you see, as well as your friends, family and so forth – so you’ll be needing it to feel cool right? I know this space is primarily a transitional area but if I could just encourage you to add a bit of art, a super skinny console, a mirror, some blooms even you’ll come home to a space that makes you feel instantly happy!

Colour apathy: Autumn is here for those of us living this side of the world, so now more than ever it’s time to invest in making your home feel more colourful and welcoming than it ever has been before, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. The minute you start paying attention to colour is the minute you start to create a jaw on the floor interior! I’m talking walls, accessories, everything and anything.

Going too formal: This is a common mistake I see quite a lot. Yes, we all want our pads to look sophisticated and classy but too formal – euch! I want warm and welcoming spaces, that you can live and breathe and relax in, not spaces where I get asked to take my shoes off at the front door. I want my rooms to feel lived in and loved, so the more you strip out formal furniture rules, the more relaxing your space will be. Go for curves to break up all the straight lines, opt for pieces that mix not match, and most importantly select pieces that feel squishy and enveloping.

Going to the wall: I know, I know. I bang on about this all the time but moving furniture even a few centimetres away from that dreaded “up against the wall” arrangement is life changing. Rooms will breathe, conversations will feel friendlier and the whole vibe will be cozier. No matter how small the space! Promise, promise, promise.

Matching: No one buys sets of anything anymore right? Dining sets, living room sets, bedroom sets? Sets suck; they drain all the energy out of a room. MIX, mix and mix again!

It doesn’t take much to turn a space around. The biggest thing is figuring out what needs fixing or what isn’t quite working, and avoid the same decorating mistakes next time round. Is everything a similar size, have you added enough texture, layers, wonderment? Drill down into it as I did on the weekend with my bedroom. We have a rather badly constructed fake wall (our wardrobe is behind it) and we’ve called I don’t know how many builders who are either not interested or just haven’t turned up. The room still feels so sterile down that end, but last week I had a brain wave. I think the whole bedroom would benefit enormously from being covered in my faux pony skin, my newest latest obsession. This sorts out all the tardy joins, adds oodles of texture and will cost half the price of getting the thing remade. Bingo!