Much of yesterday was spent in store, deliveries galore and we’re short staffed at the craziest time of the year! Although the store I have to say is looking amazing with tons of new flowers in, all of which should all be going up online later today. Bouquets, wreaths, plants love it. There’s oodles of new products for the holidays too, including the most amazing sea horse candlesticks and star fish ornaments – which also happen to be part of my new own label. Yay hay!

As crazy as this time of year is I kind of love it. Early evening walks with the M’s become a little more interesting. With dusk falling early and people’s pads lit up all three of us get a little nosy sneaking glances inside as we saunter on by. Often times I find myself moaning on to the M’s about all the decorating mistakes people are making. Rookie mistakes and so simple to rectify but I think a lot of us tend to decorate by numbers without stopping to think whether it actually make sense! Obviously I can’t be knocking on doors like some sort of style police, and (apparently) if they’re happy what’s the harm, (according to G). I counter that by asking  “Are they really happy? Truly really happy, the sort of happy that makes you get out of bed and skip?!”. I digress, but these are the mistakes I see most often and drone on to the M’s about it continually, who I should say don’t give a damn they just want to hot foot it to the park and not have endless discussions about lamp placement!

So in no particular order my pet peeves:

The feature wall

Now I don’t hate feature walls per se, I have them myself. But I should say they don’t really work when they are painted some brilliant hue and everything else is pale. Feature walls get a bad rap in this industry as most designers can’t stand them for multiple reasons. Firstly everyone has tried it out, from show houses to the local cafe so they are a little over done, and the minute everybody is doing something those leading the pack become a little snooty about them. Secondly, a feature wall shouldn’t stand our like a sore thumb in my humble opinion. I reckon that’s where the majority go wrong, when they don’t relate in any fashion to anything else in the space – it can just feel like a big disconnect. Tie it into your scheme by the colour palette, or texture just something. For example I’ve got a wall of bookcase wallpaper in my lower ground floor (which if all goes to plan this weekend I am removing)  and that palette is echoed throughout the furnishings and accessories so it harmonises beautifully. I actually really love it but I’m removing it because with our super cool large cactus in front it’s too much and I prefer my new cactus over the wallpaper! So after what feels like forever (7 or 8 years maybe) it’s going!

Overhead lighting

Chandeliers and pendants should never be the only light source in a room, it’s way too unflattering. Think of your overheads purely as co-conspirators – you’ll need oodles of sidelights to help them out. As all the best designers know you need at least 8 lamps in a room. After colour, lighting is the second most transformative thing you can do to any space!

No layers

If you can read a room in an instant then I am afraid to tell you that your room will probably read as boring. Whereas if you have stuff in a room so your eye darts and bounces around it reads as instantly intriguing. In my design classes I bang on about layers all the time, because they make the biggest, fattest, hugest difference. Overdose on them I say!

Because I moan on constantly about furniture being pushed up against the wall all the time I haven’t mentioned it in so much detail here, but I’m often kind of dumbstruck by the way so many people arrange their furniture. Wide-open space in the middle, furniture plastered against the walls. Chairs so far apart that you need a mega phone to hold a conversation with anyone. Let your furniture talk to each other in cosy little groups, it’s the best game changing trick you can do to make your living room more cosy and intimate.

Getting all that off my chest feels good. Happy Tuesday!