Recently I got asked this dilemma – how do you create a fresh look for spring without spending a ton? Not being so keen on the crafty vibe I sat down and thought about what I would do to spruce up my pad.

I actually took inspiration from my youngest sister and her husband who have hung a fabulous oversized map on their walls which they got from Ikea. With its musted colour palette it added pattern, texture and made for an interesting talking point . Inexpensive and it sorts out the art wall no end.

bAnother idea which is cool for home offices and kitchens is to create a giant mood board on your walls. Buy some cork, affix to walls (you can even have some moulding cut to frame it if you fancy) and voila!


b1Look at magazines for art. I recently cut up a J Crew brochure and framed some cool words Jenna Lyons wrote which I hung in my studio.

Wallpaper a large panel prop it against the wall and you’ve suddenly got some cool art. The more you push it with pattern and cool motifs the cooler your art installation will look.

b4Simple ideas that won’t cost the earth but will rejuvenate your pad for spring. I’ve not mentioned paint as I’m forever banging on about it but I have to say painting your walls a different hue is the, repeat the most inexpensive and transformative thing you can to to any room EVER.

Cool hey?