We’ve all stumbled into the hole and decorated something that has totally misfired right? Me included. When you decorate in an eclectic fashion you will make mistakes as it’s a tough hard look to pull off. Nothing matches, yet somehow it all has to feel cohesive and beautiful which isn’t easy. I’ve come up with a list of – let’s call them “issues” – which if you can avoid will make your pad the most beautiful in town. Like the image above, needless to say there are certainly no decorating faux pas there!

TV Stands

This might sound radical, but ditch them if you can. Simply by plopping the TV onto a cool console or table or indeed hanging them on the wall elevates them and takes the attention away. I say this all the time but by simply painting the wall out behind a dark hue you’ve suddenly upped the style ratings as you don’t get that terrible contrast between pale wall and dark TV!

Fluorescent Lighting

My pet peeve. Super unflattering with harsh contrasts, fluorescent overheads are definitely worth calling the style police out for. Instead go for incandescent, softer, gentler and beautiful!

Empty mantles and shelves

If you’re not going to accessorise them then take them away altogether, nothing sadder than a bare mantle or shelf I think. It’s so easy to add flowers, plants, art and sculpture to dress them up.

Matching Cushions

Never! Don’t use cushions in the same fabric as the sofa or chair, and never all the same size. Up the ante with different colours and textures, it’s totally game changing.

Matching sets

You won’t get a unique-looking vibe if everything matches, from the sofa and chairs to all your nightstands and side tables. It looks bad, switch it up and mix it up. You can still unify everything together via the colour palette.

Lack of materials

All the best pads layer their finishes. If all your tables are wood, then you need to add in some metal pieces to add more variety. Or maybe resin or glass or fabric. If your sofa is upholstered in linen then the curtains shouldn’t really be linen too, because you’re not creating as much visual appeal. The eye won’t keep moving around the room, and as I bang on about all the time, the interiors that tantalize pull the eye in a zillion different directions the moment you walk through that door!

Ditch traditional seating arrangements

I’ve done this in the past, in fact until the weekend I’ve done it for about 12 years. A bit like a sheep I’ve followed a designated path when it comes to furniture arrangements and not really thought about the best arrangement in my house or for our lives. For years I’ve droned on to G about how when I go down to the lower ground floor I want to plop in front of the fire on a loungy sofa before moving to the den to watch a movie or TV. But since we moved in the dining table has been in front of the fire instead, which means as lovely as that is I could never sit and relax in front of it. On the weekend when we changed up the table I moved it more towards the kitchen which now means I’ve got my little sofa space in front of the fire. It felt so radical and non conformist pushing the dining table over and I self doubted a bit but I love it!


Fear prevents us from doing everything. From playing around with daring palates to moving furniture, from glossing the ceiling to playing around with scale. It prevents us from living how we truly want to live. Ditch the fear, or address it as I often do and when you come through it you wonder about what all the fuss was about!

Happy Tuesday