There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to decorating, and I’d be the first to advise you to chuck out the rule book and go with what you really love. However there are a few design philosophies that will help you transform a room, whatever your personal style. Following on from yesterday’s post, I’d like to present you with my all-time top decorating dos…


Paint ceilings and woodwork the same colour as your walls. If you are going dark the worst (repeat worst) thing you can do is have a white ceiling and white woodwork. Pet peeve of all time. It looks so much more sophisticated when it all goes out the same hue. I go on and on and on about this so much but it’s because it really does make all the difference! If you need more convincing, take a look at all these reasons to paint your ceiling.


Ask any stylist (fashion or interiors) and they’ll tell you that this is one of the most important tricks in the book. Just like the best dressed style icons, never forget to accessorise, create new combinations and toss in something a little unexpected. The artistry lies in knowing when to stop! So use your intuition – if it feels too clustered and crazy, pull back a tad. If it’s still a bit bland and lifeless try adding a stack of books with a candle, or layering a frothy fern plant in front of a favourite art print. Just keep playing and you’ll know immediately once it feels right.


Find the colours that really sing to you, and then go for it. I mean really go for it – not just painting floors, walls and ceiling in the same hue, but also pulling together a colour palette for the whole room. If you’re aiming for the eclectic look, you can mix and match everything and anything as long as you reign in the colour palette. Blog regulars or those of you who’ve been to my Design School will be rolling their eyes right now saying “here she goes again“, but it’s a great trick to have up your sleeve! If you’re unsure about your signature palette, this blog post should help you discover the hues you really gravitate towards.


Don’t rush, and don’t stop decorating too soon. A room doesn’t have to be “finished” straight away, in fact it probably never will be. There isn’t one store on the planet (not even mine, sadly!) where you can buy a complete look, but that’s a good thing. Decorating is an ongoing labour of love, where you can tweak and adapt, blending new finds with old favourites, modern with vintage, tribal with traditional etc.. The most magical spaces are those that have evolved over many years and change to reflect your own very unique style. If you’re enjoying the process, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love the results! You’ll end up with a home so beautiful that you never want to leave.