We all make mistakes when it comes to decorating. In my time I’ve clad outside walls in horizontal panels of wood (yuck) painted walls bright orange (to to to much), tiled a bathroom in the wrong tiles (still there), bid for a sofa at an auction because is was cheap as opposed to suitable. Shall I go on? There have been many! I’ve also done a few things right so I thought it might be fun below to run through some rather  common decorating blunders to avoid along with some decorating tips to embrace.


Hang art to high, eye level or lower is best, unless you’re clustering then hang to the ceiling if you so wish!

Over light your space, super unflattering and surgery-esq. Who wants that!

Have short curtains; let them hit the floor and puddle I say!

Have pairs of everything. Duos are boring unless you’re trying to recreate Noah’s Arc in which case go for it!

Overload your couch with cushions. Three is enough!

Rely purely on recessed lighting. It makes a space look like a football field!

Have a white ceiling, tie it in with the colour of you walls it will make the space feel cooler, edgier and way more glam!


Decorate for you, it’s your life and not someone else’s. Lets say you have 4 dogs, 8 kids and you’re thinking that white carpet is the way to go? Really?

Mix metals – you totally and unequivocally can.

Fall in love. Follow your heart rather than your head when choosing stuff.

Supersize everything. Everything from art to lamps, vases to tables it will make your space feel so much grander.

Add lustre. I’m not talking disco balls, more like trays, vases, mirrors. Game changers!

Go Dark – need I say more!

Tie in your ceilings with your paint colour as already stated above.

That was fun!, I must write lists more often!