We all make decorating mistakes, me included. I’ve painted walls out the wrong colour, clad our high garden wall in wood (horrible mistake), even lugged four chairs back from Paris on the Eurostar only to find they didn’t fit anywhere. (Best not mentioned again.) Mistakes happen but the best thing is the more you decorate the better you’ll get.

When you decorate in an eclectic fashion it’s not like you’re decorating by numbers so there are no hard and fast rules as such. You need to trust your intuition – if you walk into a space and it doesn’t make your jaw hit the floor, see if you can figure out what feels wrong. Too much stuff, not enough stuff, way too much drama, a little dull perhaps? My intuition is my trusted best friend it helps me out all the time in business and interiors, listen to it! So there are no hard and fast rules, however I’ve come up with some of the worst common mistakes:

Arranging furniture against the walls.

Biggest rookie mistake on the planet any designer will tell you that. It will make your interiors boring, dull and not at all cool. Instead group pieces around a room to enhance the flow. Or if you don’t have the space to create zones in the middle of the room, angle pieces slightly inwards, or move just a few inches away from the wall to put something skinny like a shelf or console behind which you can layer up. I know I say this a lot but its soooo important.


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