Recently some neighbours popped over and happened to ask how I came up with the style combinations the various colour combos and the layout of the spaces here. I think they found it all a bit overwhelming. They don’t know where to start or how to implement such things. Now admittedly it’s slightly easier for me than most, I spend half a year travelling or researching interiors as I have a store to continually fill but what I said to them is you have to get yourself in a different mind set when it comes to decorating like this. Firstly:

THINK DIFFERENTLY and don’t be scared. Yes it takes guts and confidence to decorate outside the norm but you have two choices. You either wade straight in and do something or you don’t do anything at all.  If you don’t do anything then nothing ever changes – it’s a bit like me with flying. I hate it but in order to elevate the business and in order to see some pretty cool places I’ve got to get on that plane. I could not, I could stay in Europe and drive everywhere but then that is like giving up, I’m not opening my mind to new things and I’m not doing anything differently. Inaction is safe, moving forward is dangerous but there is nothing more terrifying or fulfilling! Exactly same principle goes for decorating outside the lines.

Dabble a bit.Play around,  I put this stone head on my fireplace next to the little jug because I wanted to experiement with reigning in the colour palette but pushing the texture. Wouldn’t have know it worked until I dabbled!

Abi Paint005_0072_

SIT ON AN IDEA. When you get a concept for a space sleep on it for a bit. I know I do. I’m super impatient but I never implement an idea in like an instant because by sleeping on it and thinking it through I could make it even better, tweak it a bit here or there perhaps. When I go to trade shows I have to buy, I am there to buy but rather than buying on the first, second, third day I place my orders on the last day that I’m there.  That way I’ve got all the products laid out on paper in front of me, I can create a concept or a narrative, eliminate some, put others on hold and therefore the collection feels more considered. It’s always a crazy last day at shows this way with Gem and I zooming around trying to get our orders in before the plane, train, car leaves to take us back home but it works.

Abi Paint010_0132_

Our bedroom took the longest time to get right mainly due to me procrastinating. I thought that by making it smaller  it was crazy (there is a walk in wardrobe behind this wall) so I sat on the fence. As soon as I got off it and we implemented the bedroom has turned into the snugest room in the house and I don’t have to deal with wardrobes and drawers and all that stuff that I don’t like in bedrooms – its all behind closed doors. However because I sat on the idea for a while I thought through the process so when it went up it instantly worked!

CAST A WIDER NET. Pinterest is great, instagram, blogs all great for ideas but by casting your visual eye outside the interiors box all sorts of ideas can occur. A stroll through the flower market could spark some fabulous ideas for colour combining; a painting could catch your eye and give you some inspiration on layering. Keep an open mind and look for inspiration everywhere I know I do.

You don’t need heaps of training to create a cool pad you just need to be open-minded. You’ll also need a little dose of confidence but that is the easy part, yes?

Off to the doctors I now have an ear infection it seems. Need to zap this sickness bout in the bud have had enough of it!