Autumn makes me think of roaring log fires, jazz, a whiskey on the sofa, hot apple cider, checked shirts (not that I have any) and forest walks. There is something so comforting and warming about this time of year. Question is how to decorate for Autumn to inject that feeling into your home too. With the following I say…

Seasonal foliage

I love decorating with foliage, faux or otherwise. Vases full of big bunches of leaves just make me happy, and of course they echo the season beautifully. This sort of display is perfect for the hallway, it will raise your spirits the moment you enter and actually perfect for just about any other room come to that.

Seasonal materials

Nothing shouts luxury like velvet and faux fur. I am obsessed with both. In fact we have added textiles to our own label collection and I cannot wait to get the samples to show you guys. If the design turns out how Gem and I think it’s going to it will blow your minds! I felt there was the biggest gap out there when it came to throws for the bed and these are so alluring they just beckon you to lounge. They look straight out of Kate Moss’ wardrobe, but transformed for the bed!


If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace then fabulous. That was one of the prerequisites for buying a house for me. Fireplaces in every room! I have baskets of wood everywhere not just because of the coziness factor but the aura they lend to a room. Our wood supplier often times throws in fallen apple logs, so when you walk into the room the smell although super subtle is so comforting.


Don’t tell anyone this but I often times get out my sheepskin gilets, jackets or faux fur tops and throw then onto chairs and sofas to give then an extra layer of softness. Looks super sweet with a cushion nestled over top.


You will find candelight everywhere and anywhere in my pad. From lanterns in the garden and t-lights in the trees to rows of shimmering candles inside. It’s the flickering, flattering light that is so alluring!

Happy autumn. Something that isn’t so happy about autumn is the dark mornings. Going to Pilates in the dark at 6.15 (so in a min in fact) takes great willpower. I would rather go and snuggle the M’s in bed! Hey ho.