Firework night really does not suit the 2 M’s, to say that they went crazy was an understatement. Every few minutes the poor things just went nuts. We had to retire upstairs at 8 o’clock, shut the bedroom door, snuggle them on the bed, crank up the TV and even that didn’t help. I think fireworks should be banned – but that is me being selfish hating seeing my two in such distress!

This morning feeling a little more weary than usual, I thought I might talk about art, more specifically how to decorate with art.

I am the hugest art fan, I’m not talking museum-worthy works I’m talking paintings you find at fleas, auction houses, student exhibitions. Adding art makes your home feel grander, more intriguing and way more interesting. There are so many multiple ways in which to display it, so here is my ultimate low down.

Never mind the gap

Don’t mind the gap when it comes to creating salon style walls. All that mumbo jumbo about hanging frames so and so inches apart – ignore. Hanging art floor to ceiling is dazzling, and natural breaks like doorways will create the perfect amount of breathing space.


Who says you can’t layer art onto wallpaper? The effect can look a little wild, especially if the print is patterned, but as I say all the time the more you push the boundaries the cooler the space!

Hang off bookshelves

We Brits are a little scared of doing this but I see it across the pond all the time. Hanging a painting from a shelf or bookcase is super cool – see slide show. Fab if you are embarrassed about your book collection and you want to cover some of them up, even fabber if you don’t actually have enough books to put on your shelves. Even if you have heaps like I do, it adds another intriguing layer!

Embrace imperfection

Two symmetrical paintings of the same size either side of the bed, or two oils in each alcove nah. Forget about symmetry, rooms look much more visually interesting when you ditch all that and go asymmetrical!


Forget about hanging off the walls all the time and prop on the floor, on a table, on an easel even – it makes any space feel way more relaxed.

Make it more impressive by reflecting in a mirror

Hang a mirror opposite your artwork and you’ve just doubled your investment. Win win!

Happy Thursday, I’ve got a cowshed facial booked for later in the day so for me it is indeed a happy one!