Plants are one of the easiest decorating tricks in the book when it comes to making rooms feel more lived in and loved. I’m drawn to the tropical varieties although oddly enough not with flowers, cannot stand tropical flowers for some reason but that is for a different day. There are lots of tricks when it comes to creating an indoor garden, no matter if you have a garden or you happen to be a yard less urbanite. Gardens indoors and  outdoors make spaces feel happier. Fact!

There are lots of different ways to go to create impact. You could if you fancy cluster a few small varieties on a table or shelf. The trick here is to vary the texture and height that way you will create more visual interest. When it comes to texture think big and bold leaves next to something feathery next to something drapey.

Another way to go is to raise taller plants up off the floor onto something like an occasional table say or bench . I’ve done that in the bathroom and it has totally elevated the plants making them grander than they really are.

If you are starting from scratch building a plant collection go for one statement piece and then build the other plants around that. For example I’ve gone for an agave (below) a giant looking cactus and worked from there. I’ve added a few other varieties, some fern etc so on my bench I’ve got a variety of different levels. These are all from the store and all faux. Whether you go real or you go fake it really doesn’t matter, what matters is playing around with the scale.



Avoid if you can the symmetrical look its a little contrived and super boring. Instead balance large with medium or even small,  the plan is an imperfect arrangement not a perfect one because otherwise it can look uptight and who wants that.

Another trick if you are clustering plants together say on a console or table is to overlap them. Nothing repeat nothing can be in rows (rows equal criminal offense) and the style police will be knocking before you know it carting you off to jail!

To up the jungle vibe I’ve added to my plant collection these cactus vases which have just come into the store. Although they are vases I leave them as is - cool enough on their own I reckon!


Finally you can vary the pots but if you do keep the colour palette restrained it will look far more modern that way.

If you want more inspirational images and you want your heart to skip a beat then buy this month’s Elle Decoration – Giuseppe Mangia’s home shot by Fabrizio Cicconi is to die for. It is one of the coolest spaces I have seen in a long tim. A peak below: