The clocks went back at the weekend (AKA National Lie In Day) so I hope all you guys in the UK enjoyed the extra hour in bed! We completely missed it of course being in China, which is a disaster but I might try to make up for it once I’m back! It got me thinking about bedrooms though. They’re quite hard to get right I find, possibly because a lot of us (me included) just tend to look at them as sleeping zones and not a hangout space. But it’s the place you begin and end every day so that should be enough to make us put in the effort! You can also create a retreat, a space to chill and read a book or work even. So here’s how to create a bedroom that you’ll never want to leave:



Something magical happens if you add an element of the unexpected or unpredictable. Here it’s old windows, but it might be cladding with weathered wood like my bedroom, or an unusual headboard even. Using architectural elements in a room always works in my book, as it gives a space a different dimension.



Sure you’ve heard this before, because you know how I keep banging on about playing around with scale and putting things that are too big on top of things that are too small. Well it’s because this Alice in Wonderland trick creates magic everytime. It’s why I always go BIG with table lamps. Case in point that bedside lamp sitting on that tiny teeny table. Love!



In order for bedrooms to fill super snug you’ve got to introduce texture and add lots of squishy, tactile fabrics like softly woven wool, velvet, mohair, sheepskins. Textiles that make you want to hunker down and just chill.



I am obsessed, repeat obsessed with burnt caramel and toffee, colours. They tie in perfectly with warm woods and metallics too, think luscious bronze, brass and gold. I’m dubbing them the new neutrals (“newtrals”?!) – you heard it here first!

Check out that gorgeous throw on the bed and the velvet cushion on the bed. Can you imagine that as a wall colour? Hmm – might be heading off to Scotland to put that into practice for our own label paint range. At the mo my bedroom is painted out in Crosby, it’s the softest brown with delicate rosy pink undertones. Whatever you plump for colour-wise, use something a bit different to get spectacular results. Nobody, repeat nobody remembers beige!


There’s tons more bedroom inspiration to be found right here on the blog, and you can nab my whole bedroom look here too.