Apologies for any inconvenience caused if you’ve been trying to read the blog this morning and couldn’t. We have been having a few technical issues since we revamped, intermittent crashing every so often and today it went down big time!  Happy to say the tech team have sorted and been amazing (thank you all,especially for handling my endless ‘are we there yet phone calls’)! Problem has been resolved.  As far as problems go it’s actually a rather nice one to have,  we’ve all been so busy that we haven’t been keeping an eye on the stats and they’ve rapidly  gone crazy with over a million hits a day, the system couldn’t take it and shut down. However we’re back, peace has been restored and all is good. I’m kicking off this afternoon with my shopping column which I am rather loving. Can I say that about my own columns – hey ho just did!

I always wanted to be a cowboy. Or a detective, but that’s for another day, a rainy day perhaps when we can light a fire, plop on the sofa and  you’ve got time to listen to me rambling on!  Back to cowboys, I’m a little obsessed with them actually, I’m not talking channelling Doris Day and getting all Calamity Jane, we don’t want to theme. EVER. I’m thinking  instead more Erin Wasson and her beautiful pad. Erin’s laid back beauty translates to her home (as you’ll see in the slide show). Erin will throw on a pair of cowboy boots just as readily as she’ll add a pair to a shelf or heap of books. By keeping the palette restrained , the art ramshackle and the overall look non-glam she takes the chic staple of a chesterfield in front of an art wall to another level. Check out my top picks for  some of the hottest cowboy accessories around and take cowboy chic  to the max. Yee-haw!

  • Varo side table – seen in the coolest saloons in town, available from Habitat, £75
  • Deco bench – to enjoy a beer on after a days ranching or to make your accessories look way cooler, Abigail Ahern, £185
  • Tribeca rug– has great texture and a laid back vibe – essential for cowboy chic, Abigail Ahern, £130
  • Cowboy boots- these Mexicana boots will see you rocking the hottest bad boy boots in the West & they’re on my wish list, Net-A-Porter, £585
  • Utopia candlesticks – these handmade pottery pieces are modern classics with heaps of charm and wit from Jonathan Adler, £48 each
  • Sheepskin rug – no self-respecting cowboy would live without, and neither would we. Soften your space with this gorgeous textural rug from John Lewis, £35
  • Bison head – flocked in a deep chocolate colour , my bison head for Debenhams is what we call a game changer, we literally can’t keep up with stock. It’s due back in any day, £85