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There is a lot going on right now at HQ especially with logistics. Container by container load is leaving our factories all over China and India and on it’s way over here. I don’t think I’ve ever learnt so much in such a short time about manufacturing. It’s a minefield. If all goes to plan everything arrives around the end of September, and apart from moving warehouses again – (we now need an even larger unit!) I can take my foot of the gas for a little while – (can’t wait) plus I’m presuming by round three we will be old hands at the wholesale biz.

I read many businesses books and there’s a common link between a lot of successful people no matter what biz they’re in.  That is eat well, exercise regularly, and most of all get enough sleep, which brings me nicely to this morning’s post – cool ideas for bedrooms.



Bedrooms should be comfy, relaxing and more than anything else cocooning, enabling us to switch off and sleep. I walk into mine and feel automatically relaxed (that is as long as Maud hasn’t hidden some stinky bone under my pillow, which she does regularly). It’s important to feel relaxed in a bedroom so I’ve got no TV in there, just personal preference. But I do read a lot, that´s why I was looking the Yogibo Max review, and wow they are comfy, I decided to include them in my bedroom. Actually couple of them, good looking and very comfortable sittings.

I do take the laptop to bed if I want to watch a movie though! No recessed lighting, so instead there are lots of little pools of soft glow, and definitely no clutter. I’ve made the space smaller by bringing the wall out to create wardrobe space, but it means anything messy gets shoved in there.

Some other tricks:

Upholster a Wall: If you want to cocoon up your bedroom I cannot bang on enough about the pros of upholstering an entire wall – fabulous behind the bed. I haven’t done this in the bedroom but in my studio I’ve faux pony’d a wall and I love!

Simply dress your bed:I keep my bed simply decorated. Linens from Merci in Paris, a few wooly cushions, a throw at the end of the bed and that is pretty much it. It feels calming and relaxing.


Chose artwork that relaxes: Obviously this is personal but I opt for hues that are easy on the eye. I have the hugest abstract oil of a naked man in my bedroom. I know that sounds weird but its so cool. It looks like a Francis Bacon and you can barely tell it’s a nude unless you really sneak a look! Takes over most of the entire wall and it’s dark brown palette makes it perfectly relaxing for my bedroom!

Create a zone: A little seat, a pouf,  a bench even, somewhere to hang out apart from the bed. Although I have to say if your bedroom is small don’t fret about not having this extra space.

Get the lighting right: Proper illumination for bedside reading wall mounted or otherwise and then lots of little lamps is the trick. The great thing about wall mounted lighting by the way is that it gives you more real estate on the bedside table oh and anything on dimmer is always a good thing as it helps your body get ready for sleep.

Right then time for my exercise. Every morning I moan and groan about walking down the road to hit the outdoor pool when instead I should think how lucky I am to have an outdoor pool so close to my house. Wrong attitude AA! Think positively.

Have a lovely day.