It’s an early start this morning as I’m off to Paris working for a few days and I haven’t properly packed, got myself organised or anything – stress at 4.21am is not such a good thing!

I get asked quite a lot about different decorating conundrums or problems ranging from how to camouflage something that’s super ugly to how to deal with low ceilings (paint them the same colour as your walls they’re look so much higher)! I’ve pinpointed the most common questions below:

How do I pull colours together?

If you go to design school you’ll probably have learnt about the 60-30-10 rule. 60 per cent of the room should be in one dominant colour, 30 per cent in another (bearing in mind that you can use similar or complementary shades here to sit with your dominate hue) then 10 per cent is for those blingy accents. Whilst I tend not to follow such rules if you’re starting out or wondering why your room isn’t working stick to this principle. Your scheme will automatically feel cohesive but at the same time not bland. Easy easy peasy!

I have kids so I can’t have much stuff out, how do I make my home feel homely?

Hello? Are you serious with this question? That’s not my reply obviously that’s my internal reply here is my professional one! Yes you can, you totally can. We grew up in a house of stuff, my sisters children are growing up in houses of stuff, so it can’t be the excuse. OK you might not have as much as me but you can totally layer up mantles and shelves with lovely things which are out of reach of little fingers and will elevate your rooms to new heights. Oh and don’t ask me about dust with having more stuff, that response is not so polite!

The TV is the focal point and looks ugly

TVs are ugly and a problem so what we have to do is shift the focus away from them it’s as simple as that. Paint the wall out behind the TV a dark hue it takes the contrast down and looks a million times better. Another trick is to layer up art around the screen so again it takes the attention away. Finally add more focal points so rather than the eye zooming across to just the TV it darts all around the room and across to others!

How do I get recessed lighting right?

Big tip here is to not ever have the recessed lighting as the only light source – you kind of have to think of it as a co-conspirator in the lighting game  even if you have it on dimmers. It’s just not flattering enough to be the only light source. Back fill with table and floor and scones so you get a layered lighting scheme. Simple no?

Conundrums sorted. Back later with our shopping page – this week we’ve giving a shout out to some of the coolest blue accessories around!