We all have hard to decorate corners that are either to tiny to fit a table in or to cramped to create a reading nook so what to do? Do you leave unadorned? I say no as leaving areas empty in a room makes them look rather unfinished.

There are so many things you can do with blank and boring corners. Stick up some art, hang a mirror, shelve them. How about a wall scone above a bijou table or a floor lamp. How about some fabulous palm – sorts it out no end. Classic distractions that take the emphasis off the difficult area and onto the accessory. Pretty simple no?

These guys below have continued the tableau on the mantle right through to the corner so you look at the installation as a whole. Totally works.

blk1I say this a lot (forgive) but the more layers you have in each and every room the more intriguing a room becomes. A simple test to take – if you walk into your room and you can read it in a second, i.e your eye doesn’t dart around the space stopping off here and there to take it all in – then you haven’t got enough going on. If you haven’t got enough going on then subconsciously you’ll space will read like a big yawn I hate to say.

Easy to rectify though no?

Happy Tuesday