Bit of an early one for Gem and I today, shortly we off to the store as new flowers are in plus some other new accessories like concrete vases and ceramic cactus, oh and little beautiful bud vases in sublime colours.  Exciting. I love delivery days.

The other really exciting thing that is happening right now is my new paint range to be launched in April. We’ve shot the images and we’re just in the process of putting together the digital brochure which if I can say this knocks all other paint brochures out of the park. The palette is dark, the palette is inky. It’s intriguing; it catches your breath and simultaneously makes you want to dance. All from a can of paint, incredible no? It’s a paint revolution I reckon!

It’s taken G and I 9 weeks of solid painting with the odd bit of help from a decorator (4 days in all) to get it done. There have been some extraordinary long days with no weekends off since Christmas and sometimes quite a few tears (tiredness talking). But now we’ve made it through the other side, the whole darn house is painted. Its been  epic, trying to paint at the same time  as running a business that is expanding and growing at the rate of knots (with trips to Germany, France and India thrown in ) has been bonkers. BUT oh so worthwhile. Soon I will be able to show you everything but meanwhile here is a sneak peak. By the way I found choosing this paint palette as complex as choosing a fine wine. It totally and utterly is based on sensory perception. The pigments are complex and therefore the colours have undertones, redolence and depth. They subtlety change in different lights. So nothing is quite what it seems. Gotta love paint no?

Oh and if anyone is interested in becoming a stockist please mail the team at We already have a wait list with from South Africa to LA,  our plan is to create a global network selling the coolest paint on the planet!

Sneak speak below, hope you guys love as much as I do xx

pMy new black paint has undertones of brown in it so its the softest thing on earth, its as soft as butter! I didn’t want it to look harsh because with many black paints the contrast when you put things against them can be rather too jarring. This with its brown undertones  is the softest most beautiful black out there.

p1This hue Mulberry Red took my breath away. Not initially on the first coat I thought it would go into the reject heap but on the second coat magic happened. It’s red but its got undertones of black in it so in some lights it’s almost blackberry. Hard to see exactly and for me to describe when I’m in the worlds worst rush but it changes so beautifully with the light. My whole hall is painted out in it. I am its hugest fan x