Hi all, just got back from China this morning. We’ve been working on next season’s collection and have some big plans afoot! Of course I’ll share some sneak peaks of the new collection in a bit, but for now in real need of a kip.. bone tired and jet-lagged, but also excited about everything we’ve got planned. I must say it’s so lovely to be home felt I was away for yonks.

Thank you so much for all your comments about new paint colours on Friday’s post. Amazing to see and I’m going to catch up on all your suggestions soon. Meanwhile because we’re on a roll with colour I thought I’d get to some of the FAQ’s I get all the time about how to decorate with my kind of hues. This is an interview I gave BBC Radio when my book was out last year – I talk how to be bold with your hues, what furniture you can combine with a kaleidoscope of colours to keep your pad looking cool and not a hot mess, and why beige is never an option. Hope it helps!