No hefty budget needed, paint is the single more transformative and cheapest thing you can do to any room, EVER. I never quite understand why so many people are so scared of it. If you hate it you can change it up again pretty quickly. I’ve painted walls aubergine, teal, a lilac-y grey, a funny kind of tan even – none of which quite worked in the rooms I tried. Has it put me off paint? Nope. It’s been a bit of a pain in the ass returning it back, but in the general scheme of things going wrong has then always led on to better things.

I gravitate towards inky, swampy bottom of the lake type hues, which we all know by now! But for today’s post I wanted to push it even further with some bold brights. Now I realise many of us won’t be going down this route for walls, but I think when we open our eyes up to really zingy colour, even if we use it in smaller ways, it will instantly give our pads more pizzazz. I don’t apply brights to my walls generally speaking, but looking at the pics in the slideshow I wonder if maybe I should dabble with them in the guest rooms. What these photos remind me is how intoxicating colour is, in small ways or big, and when you restrain that palette to only a few hues it feels so much more impactful. Hear hear to that.

Here in a nutshell are my 5 ultimate tips for dealing with bold colours:

  1. If you’re painting walls out in a bright bold colour, select upholstery and accessories in a similar hue – the room will feel far more cohesive that way.
  2. You don’t need to commit to painting the walls bold to have a colourful room. Accessories can pack the same punch.
  3. Never choose colours based on paint chips alone. Paint big (I mean really big!) swatches of the hue onto the walls first, it will give you a far better idea of what it’s going to look like!
  4. One of the best spots to dip your toes into colour is the hallway or landings. Not too big a commitment, and can be easily changed back if it doesn’t work.
  5. When using brights, offset them with some  gorgeous neutrals, it keeps it all balanced and not crazy.

Happy painting.