Orange I here you cry, yes orange I am a big fan of this hue but it’s one of those colours I think that scares a lot of people. Not quite sure why since its show stopping ways are pretty addictive if you ask me, it revs up any room in my book. The thing I love about orange is that is doesn’t have the same aggressiveness as red. It’s not as ballsy or in your face. Plus it has many moods it can be calming and earthy, welcoming and friendly or feisty and graphic. Double plus it partners well with lots of different hues the only colour to avoid in abundance is black. I use it but I totally pair it back otherwise I worry about veering into Halloween terrority. A big no no!

I’ve got an orange super large lampshade which looks particularly sophisticated against my inky darks but it’s also playful and fun. Orange is such a fabulous hue for making a space feel cosier, you’ll see from the images above just how cool it is. From isolated pops like throws over beds to  shower curtains (check out Jonathan Adler’s NYC bathroom) a cool orange chair to whole walls, even dressers. It’s a colour that is worth flirting with I say!