If you’re following me on instagram you’ll have seen that we’ve been having a very exciting and colourful time as of late. I just hit 25,000 followers which I just can’t believe! Thank you so so much to all of you, it’s amazing. I’m really grateful for our fab online community, I really think I’ve got the coolest design-savvy bunch on the planet. So as a thank you I decided to give away 25 signed copies of COLOUR. And very excited to announce that I now have my 25 winners!

The fab pics above are the winners’ gallery of some of the most stylish, bold and beautiful colour shots. I must say it was really tough to choose – the #abigailaherncolour hashtag is packed with so many cool photos. So definitely check out the whole thing for much much more colour. Thank you so much everybody who entered – I think you’ve created the most gorgeous, colour inspirational hashtag on instagram. And of course a massive congratulations to the 25 winners.

On that note – I’ve been trying to contact everybody, but having a few instagram issues since the update (you know the one – the update that the whole internet hates. GRrrr). Anyway, I’m doing my best to contact you but if you haven’t heard from us yet and you recognise your pic as a winner please email the team at submissions@abigailahern.com, so we can sort out your prize. Congrats!