What a crazy weekend we’ve just had. All house related of course but I feel like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. It consisted of moving stuff all over the house. The studio table went outside which looks fab but threw off everything else on there which meant half the pots had to moved. The new table for the studio then altered the whole vibe upstairs, it has a granite top and so feels super luxe and my concrete vases on the mantle just didn’t fit. The new faux pony skin cupboard did the same thing. The rug that was there had to go looked terrible on and on I could go. Luckily I have enough stuff to move things from floor to floor so it was hundreds off trips up and down. Done in!

The best thing we did was paint the second part of the studio black. It is now so darn glamorous I feel I shouldn’t;t be sitting here in my pajamas! I should be wearing a ball gown! I don;t know why people are so scared of black I think its one of the most magical hues out there.

Did you know that if a space faces north and receives little natural night painting it out in a jolly hue or bright white won’t actually solve your problem?  Promise! What does work however is rather than fighting with the problem embrace it. Make the space feel super seductive, sophisticated and glamorous by painting it out in an inky hue.

Why I am I so obsessed?

Good question – when you transform a room with an inky hue it adds oodles of interest. No matter if you pad is highly ornate or a new build dark colours up the anty, no  matter if your room is small or huge!

I’ve pulled together a few of my favourites to show you all the different ways you can go with a dark palette – see slideshow

Add metals

Metals with their shiny luminous surfaces look amazing against a dark hue, particularly I should say if you can go down the gold route. I am a little fixated with gold right now as I keep telling you guys (sorry) , I’ve got gold sconces on black walls, gold heads on mantles, little gold vases on tables it’s a magical combo I reckon!

Add pops of colour

You can go so many different ways with your accent hues I used to add quite a few pops and yet these days I find myself pulling back far more. Looking at my studio right now the dominate pop of colour is green . A giant cactus and a little green velvet chair is just about it.  You don’t need much just a punch to give the space an exclamation mark!

Think outside of the box

How about adding fabric to your walls like I’ve just done and like Kit Kemp has done – see slideshow. I didn’t realise until this weekend just how magical fabric walls with dark colours are!