What is it about functional spaces that makes people decorate all practically? I think kitchens especially often all end up looking just a bit blah and the same. We all tend to play it safe rather than opting for something bright, colourful or dark and dramatic. Many people shy away from colour in the kitchen, opting instead for the same-old same-old subdued palette of creams, granite greys, browns, etc. There are so many white or beige haze bland spaces out there, it’s quite unbelievable.

But who said kitchen units can’t stand out with incredible colour! It’s usually an area in the home where we spend the longest time so why not make it as cool as possible? It’s also vital to embellish and add to this space as you would with a living room or dining room, or it will feel disconnected from the rest of your pad and a bit neglected.

So stick with what you love. I wanted my kitchen to feel glam, with a boho edge, so I went for colours that are deep and sophisticated. Or you could really invigorate the space with bold brights, like incredible teals or yellows. Or try smokey greys or inky blues, a shot of bright aquamarine, or a really sophisticated olive green and chocolate brown combo.

It’s really easy to add colour now, because everything from appliances to cabinets come in a range of incredible hues – there’s no excuse for sticking to white, grey or black! Wren Kitchens for example have a great new range of kitchen units (Linda Barker is behind it) that come in every colour from pistachio to aubergine purples, sea-foamy green greys and burnt oranges. If you are going down a colourful route with your units just make sure you echo the colour a bit in the rest of the scheme to make it feel harmonious and properly integrated, not disconnected. A lovely glassware or crockery collection is a great way of picking up colours in the scheme.

Even if you can’t invest in a new kitchen, try a brightly coloured backsplash or just a few small accessories: funky coloured bar stools, or a few bright vases, sculptures and platters can bring in lovely splashes of colour. I say you can definitely bring artwork into the kitchen, just as you would with a living room or dining room. Or of course you can use paint for the quickest, cheapest kitchen face-lift. Needless to say that colour is the most transformative trick out there, game changing in more ways than one so why not experiment I say!

Speaking of kitchen inspiration, the lovely Jane Field-Lewis has a new book My Cool Kitchen, which is a collection of some of the best kitchens around. Very pleased that ours made the cut – thank you Jane! There are masses of ideas for kitchens of every shape, style and size so definitely worth seeking out some kitchen inspiration.