Did I ever tell you I am obsessed with black? No I didn’t, really? Well I’m sitting here in Paris in a café sipping a café noir (which is black) as my café au lait has been just thrown down the drain (what is it with the long life milk thing in France)?   I was pondering just how cool black is!


No matter where you live Paris, Australia, Norway on the coast or in a city black has the power to add a dramatic note to any space. This myth that it makes rooms feel bunker esq or depressing or whatever else anyone may say about it is just that a myth! We wear it, it makes us look polished and stylish and it does the very same things to rooms. It doesn’t matter if you live in a hot country (or a cold one) its beautiful anywhere. I know it sounds bold but trust me when I say the results can be dazzling. The reason I am so addicted is (to name but a few reasons and there are zillions believe me):

A)   It adds immediate mystery to all my interiors

B)   It is incredibly soothing and relaxing (you wouldn’t think that about black right)

C)   It is undeniably stylish!

Still not convinced OK lets drill down further but before I go on think of it like you would mascara (sorry to any boys reading this who don’t know just how transformative mascara is) it enhances the colours and shapes around it which is why it’s so magical!


Use black as an accent

You don’t need to limit it just to walls.  Black dresses up floors, cupboards, banisters, accessories, bedding it has magical powers!  I use it a lot to solidify a scheme as it pulls together disparate pieces of furniture and accessories grounding them almost. If you have a room with a lot of pale stuff in it without any black it can read as confusing and a tad floaty whereas black ties it all together. AND I’m not just talking one black accent I’m talking at least a few repetitions as anyone in this biz knows repetition is always good in decorating it makes things more unified.


Dress it up

Think of black like you would a little black dress great as a foundation but not cool enough on its own. You’ve got to dress it up to give it life.


Go soft

To avoid it feeling too stark opt for a soft black (our Hudson Black has undertones of brown) so it feels buttery almost.  Once you start adding the odd pop or some glamorous metallic it looks so beautiful, it’s such an incredible canvas for accessories to feed off!


One last tip if black is your dominant hue up the visual interest by overdosing on texture. It’s that combo of tactile ‘touch me textures’ with super glam black that is so darn mesmerizing. Check out the side-show to see some of the coolest black pads around and then…

Try it, maybe?