Everyone wants the lowdown on how to up the style ratings without spending a bomb, right? Here’s what to do when you feel like sprucing up your home but don’t want to spend mega bucks:

Scent your home. I am obsessed with creating a beautifully fragrant home. I buy patchouli incense from Ridley Road market for about 75p a pack, I burn essential oils, and bring in bundles of scented herbs from the garden or flower market. I adore my Mad et Len scented amber rocks and potpourri from Santa Maria Novella, but they’re not the cheapest options. Finding inexpensive ways to scent every nook and cranny of your home is a game changer!


coffee table


Spruce up your coffee table. Put something large and fab in the centre – might be a stack of gorgeous coffee table books, a bunch of blooms, favourite objet, or a filled fruitbowl even. I like a bit of greenery on mine, so I’ve been using the Sinai and Mimosa pot. Once you have your central object you can then build out from there. A little stack of books and a candles on top look cool and are easy (and cheap!) to change up regularly.

Be square. Square pillows on the bed look so much cooler and more expensive than rectangular. Don’t know why, maybe it’s just me, but I always think it looks a bit more bespoke and luxury hotel-esque. I have large square pillows behind to prop up the standard rectangular pillows at the front. Dead simple trick I learned in my stylist days! The contrasting sizes look cool.



Add magic with candles. A pack of t-lights or bog-standard taper candles are dead cheap. T-light holders instantly elevate, and can do double-duty as sweet little vases for the dining table too. Also if you’re going for taper candles go for jet-black, always more sophisticated than white. Obviously!



Group things together for added impact. Even simple items will looks so much cooler grouped together – bottles, vases, favourite fashion accessories like hats or bags, small paintings. Arrange them in odd numbers, never ever even numbers (go straight to jail if so). As Nathan Turner says “It’s a lot of look for little money”. Hear hear!