Lets talk chairs. Chairs as well as being practical are an important decorating tool. I have a bit of a thing about them and have been known to put them everywhere and anywhere.  On landings to enliven, in the garden in groupings, alone against a pillar, everywhere.

Something that I do or attempt to do in each and every room is to make sure one chair at least has an interesting point a view, because the odd spare chair totally and utterly wakes up the room. It might be made from an interesting material (concrete say) or be covered in an unusual fabric or painted out in an interesting hue. The whole point is that these odd chairs do not conform, they don’t have to be bold but they do have to march to the beat of a different drum. You will see why below:

Add a red chair to a room and look at the transformation. Nothing else needed!


(www.vtwonen.nl), styling Fietje Bruijn, photography Dennis Brandsma.

Add an unusual wire pink chair with a patterned cushion on and you’ve suddenly drawn me in.

a4Again my point is that they have to be different in some way to the rest of the furnishings that are in the room.  Whether that is via style, colour or pattern it doesn’t really matter.  You will be amazed at the transformation and the best part it only takes one chair to make a difference.

Not bad hey!

Oh I almost forgot, today is flash sale day. We’ve emptied out the spare room here at the house and I’m embarrassed to say found quite a few things from rugs to art, from the odd ballroom chandelier to a plaster head. Things that I have collected on my travels and stored upstairs thinking at some point I will use. As we are turning that room into a studio for photography (doubling up as the spare room) I’ve had to come to terms with letting some things go. Not easy I can tell you! Goes live at 11am