Before I get onto that, I’m swapping out my early morning coffee for a hot water with lemon. Crazy? I read that  a glass first thing cleanses, promotes healing and ups the energy levels for the day so I’m giving it a go as I need way more energy. When I come back from my early morning dip, then I’ll indulge in one and actually its not so bad. It’s all part of a new  food and drink plan. I’ve switched to  mostly eating a plant based diet, with meat just a couple of times a week, not sure I’ve noticed much difference as yet but patience is a virtue as my mother used to constantly tell me!

In my classes I talk about what a game changer textiles are. Infact one of the easiest ways to change up the vibe of a space is to swap up pillows or cushions, rugs even especially as we are about to change up the seasons. Question is whats the perfect formula. Do you go for all out colour, throw in some pattern, stick with neutrals decisions decisions. Let me help:

Start with a neutral: Call me old fashioned but mostly all my cushions are neutral in palette it’s their texture that is so tantalising. So for example on my sofa I have two slubby wool cushions charcoal and stone, a pale grey sheepskin and a faux fur (our own label), oh and a massive silver metallic star cushion. It means that this little grouping of pillows remains consistent and beautiful whilst intriguing the eye and harmonizing with the sofa. Clever no?

Weave in a colour: If you have neutral chairs or sofas colourful cushions are a great way to add some punch. You can make the hues go together or clash them for an intriguing mash up there really are no rules.

Add some pattern: Forget all those boring rules about pattern and scale ie keep petite motifs with petit motifs and do what you want. In order for the eye not to feel overstimulated (unless you want it to of course)  reign in the colour palette this will keep things grounded. Oh and I should say if you are scared of using patterns then cushions are a great way to start, before long you will find yourself moving onto rugs and who knows what else. Pattern adds instant pizzazz!

Right then I’m off for a dip, although saying it like that makes it sound like I’m somewhere hot and beach-ish not in London in winter outdoor swimming.