I’m back in the pool!  Three trips to China in the last 8 weeks coupled with a hospital procedure meant swimming was on the back burner but now I’m back. On a windy cool summer morning ploughing up and down outside at 6.30 am with a ton of leaves blown in your face was kind of cool.

I am a tomboy at heart with my interiors and with my clothes. Biker style boots, clogs, wedges nothing too feminine for me. If I had to define it further I would say it’s all about some classic tailored pieces, some super cool accents and then a dollop of edgy witty charm thrown in. Jenna Lyons kind of personifies the look.

My interiors are dark, my furniture is generally classical and tailored, sturdy and gentleman’s club-y in vibe that I then soften with more feminine bits and bobs. Giant faux cactus for example, flowers, candles, super soft cushions. It’s funny because in the beginning I never really thought my style was tomboy esq or went out there to champion such a vibe it just sort of found me!

I like borrowing from the boys, it gives my style repertoire an edge and I think dabbling with it gives you a winning look.

Abi_Colls01_016_0338  tomatom  Abigail Ahern cactus collection