I get asked a lot why push boundaries with my designs and my answer is as simple as this. When you stumble across something that stirs your senses, will not leave your mind, leaves you wanting and craving and lusting for more, then why not I say. What is the worst thing that is going to happen – you might fail. So what if you make a mistake you can rectify that mistake. Yes it may take more time and hassle but what’s that saying ‘no gain no pain’. The only risk you should totally stay well clear of is the risk of doing nothing because that gets you know where, agreed!

Be daring with some paint choices, opt for some boldly patterned textiles, play around with scale, wallpaper the loo in an enticing print. Obviously you don’t want to go bonkers we don’t want people running for the hills. Bold doesn’t mean over the top crazy, it sort of drives me a bit crazy when people think it does. The trick is to balance your look by repeating some colours and counteracting bold hues with oodles of neutrals. Easy when you know how hey?

Some of the most fabulous interiors are ones that have this interplay between bold and subdued. Killer orange chair, try counteracting that with a grey cushion, patterned drool worthy wallpaper, try furniture that’s a little more subdued in feel. It’s the balance that is so intoxicating for me – you get this synergy and this feeling that stays within you so when you actually leave you want to double right round and go back inside!

Talking of leaving I’ve been lingering and tweaking this post for over 40 minutes now as I’m putting off going to the gym. Enough already get off your ass Ahern and go run on that treadmill!