Maybe it’s me but I like to partner various vibes together so a rustic one think log cabin walls, sheepskin throws or rugs with modernity and glamour. If you go all out glamour or all out boho the look can tend to feel a little bit one dimensional for me. Today I thought we would concentrate on boho.  I love nothing better than playing around with swank and glamour but then offsetting it with a rougher edge. It makes my spaces feel far more interesting. Lets take a room my bedroom for instance (see image above) and break down what I’ve done. I find when you drill into things you can see a pattern emerging which makes decorating so much easier and less scary!

Bigger is better

I’ve supersized things, it’s actually one of the simplest tricks in the decorating book. If you want your room to look grander than it really is play around with scale, especially if it is on the small size.

Opt for occasional tables as opposed to bedside tables even if it’s for only one side! It ups the anty and bedside tables are always so darn bedside looking! I’ve also hung a chandelier that is way too big for the room (who cares about that) in the centre. Next check out that super large oil painting that looks like Frances Bacon on the opposite wall. Nailed!

Overdose on Texture

I say this a lot but you can never over do it when it comes to texture. I’ve got a riot of different materials intermingling, wood, wool, dried mud (chandelier is crafted from it), velvet (bedside table is wrapped in it) leather (chair) sheepskins, shiny gold door handles it’s a riot but it doesn’t feel like a riot its supremely calming. My wooden wall gives the room the boho edge as does the softly woven woollen throw but then everything else its a bit more glam.

Add Flowers

I change the flowers with the seasons so the blossom has been replaced with delph and ferns and it keeps constantly evolving. I’m a big fan of boho country-style flowers. Flowers to me should look and feel like they’ve picked from the garden or a meadow. Simple sweet arrangements every time!

Keep the palette muted

Although I am a big lover of colour you will see from my space that in this room its pretty much muted.  Nothing pops it feels supremely calming and relaxing, snuggly and squishy. This is the essence of boho interiors. Oh and add the two M’s into the bed every night and its even squisher!

Back later with the business column this afternoon we’re talking ways in which you can grow you business. Before I go take a look at this: