Morning. I took a three-day weekend and loved it so much I want to do it more often. I baked, I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and I gardened. The weather was amazing so on both Saturday and Sunday we did gardening things and composted! I run to the garden centre and brought some cheap planters in a concrete effect for the outdoor kitchen for £15, which believe it or not looks fabulous like they were made for the kitchen, such a bargain. In the evening I made pizza on the big green egg and drank beer. Nice, doesn’t take much to make me happy these days, that weekend pretty much nailed it!

I’m currently watching The Block, an Australian TV reno programme that runs for weeks and weeks. The judges are continually giving points to rooms that mix beautifully both hard and soft materials. If rooms are full of only hard materials they can feel rather sterile and cold, consequently if rooms are just about soft they feel unbalanced. So it is a balancing act of sorts and you have to kind of think about it.  For example on metal shelves to soften them up you might add flowers and plants, or skim a rug over floorboards or put an upholstered chair against a table rather than say a plastic one. See what I mean. It’s that gentle blend. Rather than having all glass or plastic lamps you might throw in a lamp with a taffeta shade, or a flocked lamp or plop a slubby hand woven wool cushion onto a leather sofa. Mix it up. A lot of it is totally intuitive, but if you happen to have on your hands a room that isn’t totally working stand back and consider if its because you haven’t balanced those two elements – hard and soft enough!

An example below, although I would probably go a few steps further and add plants and flowers to the shelving and desk but then as always design is personal. Only do what you love!