Every Saturday I highlight the best of the blog from the last week. A recap of the most popular posts, so in no particular order here goes:

How to incorporate a workspace into any room – Top tips for working a home office into any type of room

Who would think Kitchen Islands could be so cool! – Kitchen islands that will make you want to pull up a bar stool, pour an old-fashioned and chill!

A round-up of some of the coolest ideas for outdoor spaces – From adding rugs to creating your own outdoor cinema, a round-up of some of the coolest ideas for outdoor spaces.

Bold up your rooms – Take the plunge and bold up your rooms!

9 ways to make a small room appear bigger without actually knocking down – Clever colour choices, strategic furniture placement and interesting lighting are just of the few ways to make a small space feel H U G E!

Turn up the volume with these tantalising colour combos! – I love dabbling with colour combinations, here is one of the most intoxicating!

Happy Weekend