I was asked recently if I could do a post on bedrooms. Because as you may have noticed I tend not to post about them much. Sorry, but I can’t post my pad at the moment as the bedroom is the most neglected room in the house (criminal I know) and it’s in desperate need of a revamp! Will do that and share with you soon…

I can’t wax lyrical about a space if I don’t like it. There are however a few (no more just a few) bedrooms out there in the meantime that I just adore. So I’ve given you a slideshow of those instead, at least until my bedroom is up to scratch! They all share a common theme which is an intoxicating use of colour – the spaces themselves are simply yet beautifully decorated and utterly inspirational.

First up Ms Jenna Lyons. Her bedroom is€“ simple, beautiful, sophisticated. It just oozes modern elegance mixed with a touch of faded grandeur I adore it. And it’s all about that deep dark colour of course. The textiles are a wonderful mix of an old Oriental threadbare rug juxtaposed with the finest crisp white bedlinen. The€“ humble and haute should hang out together more often I reckon.

Next up my buds’ Jo and Graham Atkins’ bedroom. Again it’€™s the colour that makes the statement and does all the talking. The beautiful palette of teal and chocolate brown is a marriage made in heaven. Unexpected, I would never ever have thought of it, but just wonderful. They are fabulous tastemakers. Just some trailblazing colours can take a very simply decorated space from ordinary into extraordinary.

And finally a low-hanging pendant light, an injection of industrial style cool, some slubby linens and the deepest darkest colour is all you need. Adore.