Not so long ago I was reading over on Casa Sugar  a feature on things only decor lovers get! Apparently its dark walls (yay hay  are they actually now a trend)?, cowhides and sheepskins, lots and lots of pillows oh and abstract  accent pieces? Funny when we think we’re all so individual in our choices we’re actually part of a clan.

I’m ticking yes to dark walls (obviously) and yes to sheepskins lots of them oh and yes to accent pieces and yes to pillows. All of the above are what we call in the biz cosyifers OK there is no such word but you get what I mean right?  They cosy up a home. When it comes to finishing touches you can’t be practical, i.e. you can’t think why put a vase on a mantle if there are no flowers in it. Or why put three cushions on a sofa when I don’t need any? Or looking at my mantle right now as I type why have you got a stone head and a gold head next to each other? Makes no sense!


You cannot be practical – the minute you go down that route is the minute your space gets boring. Be impractical follow your heart not your head. I’m the worlds most impractical. I’ve got supersized chandeliers hanging way to low in rooms so you kind of have to dodge under them (I like how they look), I’ve got more chairs than a school room and more flowers than a florist I reckon. I got a big heavy console infront of shutters that we have to heave out and in every morning and evening to pull back the shutters or close them. I’ve got another console in the hallway that makes a certain part of it so narrow you kind of have to breath in to pass by- on and on I could go.

Finishing touches  transform spaces, turning shelves, mantles, alcoves and nooks into something magical once dressed. If you want to sprinkle fairy dust over your pad ditch convention, go a little off radar and sit back and watch the results!


Mix up the pillows reads as way more exciting than if they are all the same.

pillDark walls are hitting it big according to Casa Sugar. Only thing I would have done is painted the ceiling out, but don’t get me on that one. All images