It’s easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to decorating, often times ingrained in our psyche so we don’t even realise we’re doing it half the time (sofas against walls anyone)?  Here is my guide to kicking bad decorating habits for good – some of it is a little rad!

Quit being formal

Who wants to live in a formal uptight abode, one where you have to take your shoes off when entering? Not me, I don’t waste a cent on buying anything that looks and feels intimidating. The outside world is intimidating enough so when I’m at home I want rooms to feel squishy loungy and supremely comfortable.

Quit banking sofa’s up against  walls

I say this a lot so I shall not  go on about it now because I truly believe that no ones does this anymore right? No mater how small the room, quit banking sofas against walls.  Trust me on this because it actually makes small rooms feel smaller? Move them away. or float them in the centre – it’s a game changer.

Pull back from white

Playing it safe with colour gives you a one-dimensional space that doesn’t increase the heart rate or make you want to linger longer. The minute you revisit your colour choices is the minute you take your space to the next level. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suggested this over the years to clients and its like I’ve just said ‘run into town, via Piccadilly circus, then twice round the Mall naked! It’s met with that same kind of reaction.

Quit over matching

The minute you buy a set of something is the minute you suck all the personality out of a room. Go to different stores, mix vintage with modern to keep homes looking unique not like something out of a catalogue.

Some of it is a little rad, but the thing with decorating is unless you take a few risks and push a few boundaries you’re not going to get a home that you’re never want to leave.