I don’t really talk about wardrobes enough on the blog, maybe that’s because I secretly hate them. I’ve never been a lover, so I had a really cool idea (or so I thought at the time) to create a faux pony skin cupboard/wardrobe in the bedroom. We’d done it in the studio and it looked amazing, so what could go wrong? Lots, it turns out!

Over the holidays G and I didn’t exactly stop, we had a fair bit of renovating to do and as always I underestimated the time it actually takes to do such tasks. On my to do list was a quick revamp of the bedroom, plan a new bathroom and redo the whole of the top floor. So we only got as far as the bedroom as there were a few hitches along the way, like the whole faux pony cupboard issue.

Sometimes no matter how good you may think an idea is, design just comes along and bites you on the butt to show you otherwise. My idea tanked… it made the bedroom way too boxy. As we’d already taken a third off the room for built-in cupboards, adding another boxy wardrobe structure was one of my worst ideas to date. What it did do though (and this is why I am so obsessed with interiors) was focus my mind on what didn’t work, and made me rethink the whole scheme. Cue lots of bedroom makeover work! I’ve put pics on instagram and will also have a full bedroom before/after for you all up on the blog soon, so stay tuned on that. Suffice to say I am obsessed with the results, and it’s now my new favourite spot in the whole house.

Anyway, back to wardrobes. Turns out I still don’t like them! In the end we just sectioned off part of the room, put up a fake wall and shoved everything behind that instead. Wham bam closet done. This weekend we beaded the whole thing too so it looks as though it’s panelled, and it has made the hugest difference. One day I dream of a separate dressing room, but it’s not to be at the moment! That said many people have to live with wardrobes, and if yours is causing you as much trouble as mine was, here are a few other revamp tips:


Change up the door handles. I supersize many of the door handles in this place by using wall hooks. It works a treat.




Paint out your ‘robe the same colour as your walls, so it goes away. I know this sounds simple enough but I can’t bang on about how much a game changer it actually is. If however you have some ornately carved beautiful piece, totally ignore what I just said!



And finally, add something just as attention grabbing as your wardrobe. Perhaps a colourful piece of art, a cool sculpture… anything that grabs the eye and shouts ta da and helps to distract the eye from boxy wardrobes. I should say a little seating goes a long way to making the space feel masterfully curated!

Oh and if you happen to fancy drooling over some inspirational closets, check out the slideshow above. Plush statement ottomans, plumply tufted armchairs, beautiful gold, (not to mention enviable shoe collections), the works.