I wanted to really focus on beds today, seeing as we’re drilling down into the nitty gritty details of decorating. Switching up your bed linen or the textiles on your bed is the easiest way to shake up your bedroom. Over the hols we revamped ours, it’s not completely finished but it’s nearly there (reveal soon!). It was no way cosy enough before – half of it I had completely nailed, but half I hadn’t. Anyway, more to come on that in a bit.

IMG_8458 (1)


The simplest way to add interest to any room is through texture, and this is easy to do in the bedroom. I always break up the expanse of the bed with throws and cushions. I often found throws hard to find, but lucky I bought a massive one years ago which although it seemed like the hugest investment at the time is still going strong after 15 years! Cushions are fab for adding interest. In our store alone we stock sheepskins, metallic leather, merino wool… you could chuck some velvets, tweeds or linens into the mix too. It’s all about having a great contrasting bunch of stroke-able, inviting textures.

With the cushions and throws nailed, on to the bedding. Nothing beats linen for me! Some of my go to stores for bed linen include Merci in Paris, who I always rely on for beautiful linen bedding. Society also have amazing linens, as do Larusi and Caravane, and La Redoute do great linens at the more affordable end too.

Oh, and in amongst the major revamps and reshakes chez moi (it is a new year after all), I’m on the look out for a new bed. I was hoping you guys might be able to help me make up my mind actually – I’m deliberating between these two:

Poppi bed, Caravane


Lansdowne storage bed, MADE.com


Thoughts? I’d want them in grey, and there’s pros and cons of each. The Lansdowne has storage which is always a bonus, but I feel the Poppi might have a bit more edge to it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Anyway, with all that talk of beds, let’s wrap up with my tips for falling asleep. With 5am starts the norm, it’s really important to me that I’m able to get enough hours sleep beforehand! What does it for me is a herbal tea before bed, a bath scented with oil and then when it comes to shut-eye time the world service radio is on the whole night long. Weird for some people I know, but I need the noise otherwise my brain won’t shut off and I start thinking about the business all night long!