Hi everyone, just a quick word on art today. More specifically, how to get amazing art without blowing the budget! I’ve written before about creating your own art on the cheap, but here’s some money saving tips when you’re actually buying.

In short, prints and photography are the way forward here. You’ll still be getting an original piece of artwork, but at a snip compared to the cost of a one-off or commissioned piece.

IMG_4306 2

We’ve been busy revamping the art section of our site recently, with an eye on adding more affordable options. So I asked Barbara Smith if she can recreate the incredible Superman painting she did for my pad, and it’s now available as a smaller screenprint too, so it’s a fraction of the price! We’ve also got all our exclusive prints from the fab Russ Lewis, a crazy Carson print, and some framed “Muse” doodles which I love.


Last but definitely not least there’s some amazing new photography I found from photography gallery Lumitrix, which is my new latest obsession. The African Boy by photographer Matilda Temperley is my absolute favourite piece, I just love this shot. The story behind her picture is fascinating – she’s been out documenting the Mursi tribe in Africa, and how they’re affected by Western tourism. She says that the boy in the photo had never been photographed before so he was a bit puzzled at first, which I think sort of shows, but when she showed him the shot he was really excited and loved it. I’m not surprised! It’s such a cool photograph and it’s also a pretty incredible price even if I do say so. You can get a jumbo-sized, limited-edition work of photography professionally mounted and framed for under £150. Not bad!

So guys, be sure to check out our art section to see all the new prints and photography. If nothing tickles your fancy there’s an even bigger selection at Lumitrix. They’ve got two price levels – their prints which are £85 – £135, and the Fine Art pieces which are a bit pricier. The good news is they’re offering all you guys 25% off any of their Fine Art range, just enter the code LUMIAA at checkout. Happy Wednesday!