Slightly later than usual as I dashed to an early (6.30 no less) Pilates class. Now its done dusted and I’m back in the studio with a coffee in hand and some essential oils burning gently away I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. Jazz in the background, two sleeping dogs by my feet and all is good with the world I reckon!

Today’s post is all about adding some quirk. The thing with adding quirk is that you have to (at least I think so) restrain it otherwise rooms can appear a bit bonkers. Great if that is the vibe you are going for but for me I want glam, sophisticated with a hint of an edge .  I guess its rather like a good spice in a recipe it adds oodles of depth is apparent but not intoxicating. You only need a couple of quirky things to lift your space, it’s almost like your giving your room an exclamation mark, as the quirk element pulls the eye into its direction. It could be anything I’ve got animals throughout mine as they are quirky and make you smile from ceramic dogs to the odd papier machie elephant. I’ve got the odd quirky lamp, quirky piece of art, wonky vases, quirky sculpture even!


The image below is a good example of how to do it well. You are not instantly aware at first glance that hey there are pillows sitting in that frame. Now I know most of us are not going to do this it’s purely an example and it would work equally as well if you put a smaller image within the larger frame. Same with the writing hung vertically not horizontally – a little quirk goes a long way.

When I design my collections for Debenhams I design pieces that look and feet luxurious but also have an edge one of the reasons I think the pieces have done so phenomenally well. Put something a little quirky on a shelf or a table and wham bam it’s transformed it. The trick is not to overdo it. One quick note on my Debenhams collection as we get rather a lot of emails regarding things going out of stock. The majority of the collection is designed as a limited edition for 6 months so it’s in for the shortest amount of time. Some pieces we carry over to the next collection but very few. I know that means that some people get super disappointed when they can’t get hold of things anymore but it keeps the collection fresh and constantly evolving and it makes the pieces your buying even more special because the majority are not repeated!



I am hugely proud of this collection with design so homogenised these days I think its important to have pieces that have a different point of view and elevate corners, alcoves, whole spaces even. Statement pieces that add substance to a room and take it up a notch.

Happy Wednesday x