Welcome to a fun and fabulous month of blog posts. We’re launching January with my very own AA design-ometer. All month we’ll be going through makeover tips to make uninspiring rooms an incredible space to hang out in! Follow all the design-ometer makeover posts here.

Lets get down to biz and talk metallics! If you’ve been following the makeover series, you’ll know that in my book you can’t get full marks without some bling.

I am obsessed with metallics. Every room needs some shimmering metallic pops, like magpies we are drawn to shiny things so when you plop a beautiful gold mirror, or picture frame or vase in a room it lifts it immediately and enhances the whole space. The light bounces off metallics beautifully, and if you get it right it always adds sophistication and upstate glam to any room. Get it wrong and it’s way too tacky-bling, so there’s a fine line to tread! The room above has gone for it floor-to-ceiling which is totally amazing, but it’s up to you how far you go with the metallics…

How metal are you?

Subtle shimmer: You could go for some cool vase or gold carafe, a picture frame, or metallic tealight holders dotted around the place. Lighting is the perfect place to bring some metallics in on candle holders and sconces, or lamps, pendants and chandeliers. If you really only want to dip a toe in, think of switching out boring hooks or kitchen or cupboard handles for some oversized metallic hardware. My top trick is using oversized copper hooks as giant door handles.

Hint of bling: If you want a bigger metallic statement, you could go for a small piece of furniture like an occasional stool or beautiful coffee table. Or if you want to splash out and go for it I also saw the most beautiful copper bathtub recently – a much cooler statement piece than the usual white! People don’t often think of textiles when you say metallics, but you can get some incredible metallic rugs, or maybe try cushions or curtains too. Gold is a fab upgrade for furniture, which is why there are a ton of upcycling tricks and IKEA hacks that use metallic tricks to make something look way more expensive than it actually is. If you’re into DIYing you can try gold leaf, or my new favourite find which is Goldfinger metallic paste – you just rub it on to anything like drawer handles, trays, little ornaments or shelf brackets for a foolproof metallic finish. Like an instant facelift. Wonder if it would work wonders on mine?

Heavy Metal: If you’re really committed to it, there are tons of full-on metallic options if you think outside of the box a bit. You can push the boat out with larger statement pieces like cabinets, dining tables or even the amazing kitchen island in this picture. Or if you want to get the floor to ceiling look like in the slide show, how about backsplashes, wallpaper, metallic paint (Ralph Lauren does speciality finishes which will make your walls literally glow), tin ceiling tiles… you get the idea! Big tip though is to temper lots of metallics with softer things, otherwise it can all look really harsh. Rugs, cushions, wicker, and anything that rubs up against it is good to pair with metallics. I’ll be going into textures in a whole blogpost soon.

Quick note on colours: Personally I prefer warmer brass, gold and copper to silver, although cold metallics can look fantastic in the right space too. Coloured metallics I’m wary of, but if you’ve pulled them off please show us! You can also totally team together different metals, like brass and silver or rose-gold and copper. The trick is to get the ratio right – you don’t want a ton of gold then the odd smidge of silver, you sort of want them to all have an equal voice.

Right then I’m off for a swim, I have to tell you guys I’m off otherwise I will make excuses and stay here in my warm house and not venture out.