I like  a bit of drama. Not crazy silly drama, but rooms that stand out from the norm because they have done something different with their appearance. Could be an oddball colour, maybe its a scale thing or even a composition – somehow they are provocative and catch your eye.

Some tips and ideas, all images are of my pad and all photographs taken by Graham Atkins Hughes:

Go  oversized with your  lighting. It sounds like a scary thing to do I realise but you will create a space that feels way grander than it really is. I’ve got supersized chandeliers hanging low so you almost bump into them. I’ve plonked floor lights on tables to give me that bit of Alice in Wonderland magic. It is one of the easiest tricks in the decorating book, no skill required! Some of my lighting below:


Add mirrors. Mirrors expand horizons add depth and intrigue all at the very same time. Genius no? If you opt for round ones even better as round objects break up all the straight lines in a room making it even more tantalising. My mirror below, I’ve got them all over in the store, in my studio everywhere, I’m a little bit obsessed with them.

bedford  copy copy

Use wall hooks as door handles. Another sneak peak of my new paint range below we’re in my bedroom and you’ll see that I’ve used wall hooks as door handles on my walk in wardrobe or robe as the Australians like to say. Simple, beautiful and even more glam in a cool colour.


You can also add drama through  art,  texture, flowers almost anything as you’ll see below:


The trick is to make whatever you are placing in the space feel harmonious, integral and like it has always been there. The minute you feel it looks bonkers or doesn’t make sense, stand back, take a breath and start again.