Are you obsessed with home décor, hours spent searching for that perfect rug, evenings spent checking out eBay, Pinterest, Instagram to get inspiration and ideas? I know I am totally obsessed. My parameters have changed since I’ve gotten older. Once addicted to fashion a seismic shift happened when we brought our house and settled down, fashion mags got replaced with interior mags; shoe shopping got replaced with paint shopping! Is that just me?

I feel like my home is an extension of myself, it expresses how I feel or want to feel. I don’t mean its perfection with everything in place à la that uptight look you see in certain decorating magazines. It’s more relaxed and laid back than that. If there is a chip in the paint work  I don’t start freaking out and cancelling dinner arrangements that’s so not me. My kind of decorating is the kind that lifts your spirits the moment you walk through the door, I truly believe a beautiful home is the foundation for happiness. Check out my addicted to decorating quiz and let me know how you fared; I’ve taken and answered it myself!

Do you spend your weekends moving bits around?

Yes, yes and yes.  G and the two M’s hate it. They sigh, groan and moan at my simplest sentences like ‘do you think we should try this table downstairs’!

Is every area in your pad perfectly styled?

YES, unless you look behind a cupboard door that is and everything falls on top of you (i.e  bathroom cupboard which double duties as the tool cupboard)!

Having a small budget doesn’t restrict you with big ideas.  

Of course not! AKA Ikea Hack with people transforming run of the mill pieces into works of art! We all know that style has got nothing to do with money so it might be easier have bundles of money but with restricted budgets you’ll get way more creative!

You get more excited about a paint being released than a pair of Jimmy Choos?

Yes I do! Once upon a time it was shoes, now its all things interior for sure!

Your shelves have more books and magazines on décor than anything else?

Hello of course they do!

You spend more money on interiors than clothes?

Absolutely, she says sitting at her desk in ripped jeans and a gap t!

Your home will never be finished

Never and when it is I’m burrowing through to next door!

So are you addicted?  I know I am. It’s not a bad addiction I don’t look at TV shows or glossy mags and wish I had the same thing and then start ripping everything up. I’m incredibly happy with what I’ve created.   I might then happen upon something that will change up the vibe and make me rethink it  slightly. However  its never about owning the latest this that or whatever and changing it for changing sake.  It’s all about creating a space that evolves and in so doing wraps you up in the squishiest of blankets so you never want to leave!

See you later with the Biz Column.