Back in from China, a little travel weary but nothing that a few good sleeps won’t sort out. China was amazing we went to sort out some production problems and have come back having added another 12 pieces to the collection, whoops. House in Italy is now on hold, all money is going straight on our own label which before I went I said I would never do but then I saw how good one of our chairs is looking and I’m like we have to do more. I think I might be living on beans on toast for a very long time to pay all of this off, or start sharing the M’s food which is often times more expensive than ours!

Hong Kong was amazing as always, it’s such a beautiful city especially at night, but it’s kind of nice not to feel hot and bothered anymore. The heat was intense especially further into China where the pollution is alarming – it was pretty hard to breathe at times. Enough on all of that though, let’s talk irreverence.

When you add things that are fun to a space they immediately put you at ease, lighten the mood and give your space an instant shot of personality. My repertoire for adding irreverence is quite comprehensive. I’ll play around with scale by hanging massive chandeliers in rooms that are quite small or I’ll use some offbeat colour combo that tantalizes the eye. I’m pretty much definitely going to sling in a few animal accents, and maybe add some snazzy shots of colour, many different things in fact.

This house is a bit like a laboratory, especially now having our own label. More and more keeps on coming through the door, in fact I need to do a Jamie Oliver and knock through to next door! I love the experimenting though. If you feel like your house is a little too uptight or needs a bit of extra fun here are some simple ideas to notch up the irreverence a tad:

Add offbeat art

Create art from unexpected things like front covers of novels, calendars, or records. It’s unexpected and inexpensive. Win win!

Ramp up the boho vibe

Plonk a few Himalayan rugs in a room, accent a chair with an alpaca throw, light an exotic scented candle. Nailed! It’s not always about adding something instantly funny, it’s also about creating a room that is full of warmth and snuggly relaxing areas.

Why be conventional when you can be unconventional?

Not for just being unconventional for the sake of it, but the more you push boundaries the more intriguing your pad gets. I’ll give you an example – when we designed our faux cactus everybody I ran the idea past said I was bonkers, thinking of going so massive with the pieces. It put me off my stride a bit and I started second-guessing which is never a good thing. Maybe they were too big, maybe I should go teeny tiny and make it more commercial? But then I plopped a few of the samples on Instagram and now we already have a waiting list around the world. Yeehaw!

Remember that adding irreverence doesn’t always means adding things that make you instantly laugh out loud; it’s a little more intellectual than that. My biggest tip is the scale thing, put something that little bit too big in a room and it’s like you’ve just sprinkled your pad with fairy dust magic.

Oh, and before I go the hugest welcome to my Online Retail Class. Lovely to have you guys on board and lovely to here about your stories on the forum, I’ll be popping over there later today to check in and see how you’re all doing!